Management Creation

Management Creation Statement

The business is run by three close friends who became partners due to their differing skill sets and enjoyment of working together and most importantly having fun at what they do together.

Today we still treat this business as three friends who work together with the same focus and ethical goals.

Background history

Ksav and Gedrus lived and worked together in Lithuania originally. Gedrus left in the late nineties to seek a different way of life and the opportunities within the UK construction market.

Due to his success, he called upon on his younger friend to join him and together they worked side by side learning their craft and experiencing the UK construction market.

The guys were happily working together when they meet Christian who engaged them to work for him as sub-contractor. After a short period of time, they realised how well they got on and how each other complemented each other with there different skill sets.

They decided that the best way forward for them would be to join forces and collaborate under one business model which is what you see today, which is Aksum.

The future

Like all businesses, we want to be successful, but we need to keep enjoying what we would do. We want to know that we have improved the lives of our stakeholders, clients and our families but not at the cost or detriment to others or the environment.

We love what we do and we know we do it well as we are growing and investing in developing our people and our business.

The heart of Aksum

We want to deliver quality every time, first time. The people we engage with we want them to move and grow with the business, we are three friends who know we are nothing but the sum of the people we work with to achieve our goals.

Christian Downing
Managing Director of Aksum Ltd

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