Training & Development

Training and development for our future

We understand the necessity to invest in the future of our business and then the need of modern clients to show we are growing with them and being proactive and not reactive to our environment.

Being proactive puts us at an advantage to our competitors as we are ready for the challenge and can be assured, we can tackle it head-on.

The benefits we have found in investing in our staff is that we have greater staff retention and that we are ready for the challenges which come from working in the modern era of construction.

By training our people they understand the elements better, they are more productive, safer and ultimately happier.

Young people in our business

We know that one day the current young people around us will be our staff, our managers and maybe directors so we always look when we can to engage with new young talent.

We currently have two young trainees with the business who we are not just training in there skills of the craft/trade side of the business we also have them with us in the office so as they can learn some of the early skills required of our supervisors, site managers and office support team.

Working with people from the community

We always appreciate that we need to make a positive impact on the environments which we work in and we try to use some locally skilled people who live near the projects.

There are always benefits to using local employees in various ways, such as knowing local suppliers, locally sourced materials and this also reduces our carbon footprint.

Christian Downing
Managing Director of Aksum Ltd

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