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Fire doors play an essential role in creating safe and secure buildings. Therefore, the quality of our service has a direct impact on the lives of our clients, and we ensure that the highest level of quality control is implemented at every stage of the fire door production and installation process.

Our extensive experience creating, installing, and repairing and maintaining fire doors makes us experts in the field and you can have the utmost confidence in our services. Your protection is our highest priority throughout every stage and our engineers are fully trained to ensure they meet all the demanding standards laid out by health and safety laws.

As well as fire doors, we can also build and install fire-rated partitions and emergency fire exits for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our service includes the full package, from supply and installation through to repair work, door replacement, and maintenance.

Fire doors needn’t be purely practical. Our bespoke fire door service means you can commission custom-designed fire doors for your interiors that are as beautiful as they are practical and functional, offering fire resistance and smoke control as well as aesthetic appeal.

We offer a comprehensive fire door service to both residential and commercial clients. Please click on the relevant link below to find out more about the fire door service you require.

Fire Doors for Commercial Properties - AKSUM

Fire Doors for Commercial Properties

As fire door specialists, you can rely on us to install quality fire doors that are compliant with all the necessary safety and legal requirements. We can help with everything from supply through to installation, as well as carrying out routine checks, maintenance, and repair work, whether yours is an office building, restaurant, or hospital.

Supply & Installation

Installation is just as important as production when it comes to fire doors. An incorrectly installed fire door is of no use at all. We are fully trained to install fire doors so that they meet the necessary safety standards and will produce a certificate as evidence that your fire door is compliant with the law.

Inspections & Reports

We are fully qualified to carry out fire door inspections and checks and will give building owners a Fire Risk Assessment report that analyses, whether the fire door is fit for purpose, as well as, provides advice on any necessary repair work. The law states that fire doors need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Employing our services means you can be sure you are compliant with all the relevant legal requirements.

Repairs & Maintenance

Fire doors should be checked every six months and any maintenance work should be carried out there and then to ensure optimal fire door performance. We can assist with ongoing maintenance and carry out any necessary repair work.

Fire Door for Residential Properties

Fire Doors for Residential Properties

Fire doors are specialist doors, designed to withstand fire and smoke and delay its spread around your home. By forming an essential barrier, fire doors buy you the time you need to escape the building.

These crucial fire safety devices are as necessary for residential properties as they are for commercial properties.

Supply & Installation

We provide and install fire doors with the codes FD30 or FD60, depending on the requirements of your building. Our fully trained engineers are experienced in both building and installing fire doors so that they meet the necessary legal and safety requirements, complying with all Building Regulations. 

We do everything we can to install fire doors quickly and with minimal disruption for the homeowner, all while ensuring the highest levels of quality. On completion, all our fire doors are certified by BM Trada or the British Woodworking Federation, verifying that they are compliant and fit for purpose.

Inspections & Reports

According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005, those responsible for a building (such as landlords) have an obligation to ensure that it meets certain fire safety standards.

We are fully qualified to carry out fire door checks and ensure that your doors are legally compliant. We can carry out routine inspections and provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment and advise on any necessary repair work.

Repairs & Maintenance

Fire door maintenance should be carried out by a trained professional at least every six months. Maintenance includes checking the door, frame, and any individual components.

We can conduct routine maintenance and carry out any repairs to ensure that your fire doors continue to function as they should, protecting you and anyone else who lives in your home. We can even replace the fire door if necessary.


BM Trada Certified

Upon completion, all fire door works are certified by BM Trada registered inspectors to help make certain that the materials, products and processes that we test, inspect and certify for our customers are always safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

Bmtrada Qualified - AKSUM

Fire Doors Supply & Installation

We are committed to using only the most dependable fire door suppliers, sourcing fire doors that are of impeccable quality. All our fire doors are either FD30 or FD60, which means they provide protection for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. They are available in different sizes and specifications. Our team will be happy to advise you on which one is best.

However, a high-quality fire door is of no use if the installation isn’t up to scratch. Our engineers have been trained to the highest level to ensure they can install fire doors, partitions, and screens as dictated by law. We will provide you with a certificate for each installation as proof.

By using our own in-house fire door qualified trainers and installers, we don’t have to rely on an outside party and can ensure our own meticulous standards are met at every moment.

Fire Doors Inspections & Reports

Regulations state that fire doors need to be regularly upgraded and maintained to be legally compliant. We are fully qualified to check that your fire doors meet the necessary requirements and can also provide on-site inspections of fire doors, partitions, and screens. We will then provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment as well as advice on any repairs that should be carried out.

In addition, we are always aware of any changes to health and safety laws surrounding fire doors, staying up to date so you don’t have to. You can rely on us to let you know if your doors are legally compliant, whether yours is a commercial, residential, or public building.

Fire Doors Repairs & Maintenance

Damaged seals and broken locks are just a few of the repair issues that may arise with even the highest quality fire doors. We will make sure your fire door continues to perform as it should with regular monitoring and maintenance, checking each individual component, followed by repairs if necessary. Our engineers are trained to carry out repair work according to all the relevant regulations and standards.

Sometimes a fire door will need to be replaced if it fails to meet the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005. We know which fire doors offer the requisite protection and can organise a new door to be installed if necessary.

Areas We Cover

We are based in Stanford-le-Hope in the south of Essex. We cover the entire county of Essex, as well as Kent, plus we also offer services in large portions of HertfordshireCambridgeshireSussexBedfordshireSuffolkBuckinghamshire and Surrey. What’s more, we also cover the entire area of London and we’re regarded as one of the very best fire door contractors the UK has to offer.

If you’re wondering whether we’ll be able to help you out, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us on 01375 803000.

Fire Doors FAQs

Fire door installation costs can vary depending on the building and its specifications. The price of a fire door includes the door itself but also the professional installation service which is necessary to ensure that the door meets the necessary health and safety requirements.

Fire doors are doors that are resistant to fire up to a certain point—or for a certain amount of time. They are usually made of a combination of glass, steel, aluminium, wood, and gypsum, and feature fire-resistant seals.

Fire doors feature an FD code which refers to how many minutes of fire the door can withstand. A fire door with an FD30 rating can withstand 30 minutes, for example.

Depending on the size and layout of your building, one type of door might be more appropriate than another. If the door code features an ‘s’ after it (i.e. FD30s), it means that it’s also smoke resistant.

A fire door is required in all commercial buildings if it will help stop a fire from spreading and protect an escape route. For example, if your building has multiple floors, you need to install fire doors to ensure access to the stairwell.

All non-residential buildings need to be compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005. This states that all offices require fire doors unless they are particularly small. Fire doors are particularly necessary in larger office buildings with long escape routes that need to be protected. Consult one of our experts to find out exactly where fire doors should be installed in your office.

According to current Building Regulations, all newly installed fire doors should be at least FD30S, which means they can resist fire for more than 30 minutes and are also smoke-resistant. When installed, the supplier should give you a certificate that confirms the door meets these standards.

Building Regulations state that homes over two storeys high require a fire door at every room leading to a stairwell. If you have an internal garage, you also need a fire door between that and the rest of the house.

For rented accommodation with multiple occupiers (HMO), as well as blocks of flats, fire doors are a legal requirement. In such buildings, all doors leading to a fire escape route must be fire-rated and close automatically. Fire doors should also be fitted in high-risk rooms such as the kitchen.

If your house is a new build—or you are renovating—and it’s over three stories, you will need fire doors fitted to every habitable room that leads off the stairwell. This includes loft conversions.

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