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Residential & Commercial Bespoke Carpentry Services

Individuality is a vital element of any characterful home or dynamic building. This is why bespoke carpentry, designed and made according to the unique taste and preferences of the client, is such a valuable service.

Here at Aksum, we deliver outstanding bespoke carpentry projects for a range of clients, both commercial and residential. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to take on a wide variety of projects, both big and small, using our knowledge of materials and techniques to offer exceptional made-to-measure carpentry services.

We balance functionality and aesthetics to deliver projects that are long-lasting, practical, and eye-catching. Whether it’s a fitted wardrobe, bespoke staircase, or wood panelling for an entire office floor, we ensure each Aksum project reflects the individual style of the client and meets the specific requirements of each space.

Our carpentry services include:

Bespoke Joinery

Commercial Carpentry

Carpentry solutions for commercial buildings are different from residential projects in both scale and style. They require a different skill set and a different kind of experience. At Aksum, we are able to handle both kinds of projects with an equal commitment to perfection and excellence.

From large office fit-outs and refurbishments to installing handrails or undertaking extensive structural work, we provide cost-effective and outstanding commercial carpentry solutions. We work on housing developments, schools, care homes, and corporate buildings, and on projects as diverse as window fittings and flooring to bespoke restaurant seating.

Our team is passionate about carpentry, extremely dependable, fully insured and qualified, and dedicated to providing individualised service. They approach each project with care and attention, understanding that each problem requires a very specific solution.

We understand that commercial projects are usually restricted by tight budgets and we know how to keep costs down without cutting corners. Our experienced customer support team is able to deal with issues quickly and efficiently while our site supervisors ensure nothing gets missed. Our carpenters’ impressive craftsmanship is complemented by their polite and enthusiastic manner, no matter how demanding the timeframe.

At Aksum, we are highly knowledgeable about the diverse aspects of carpentry and can give you a clear and reliable upfront quote, as well as a breakdown of the costs involved so you know what your money is being used for.

We work to ambitious yet realistic schedules and do all we can to accommodate the client’s requested deadline. We deal with queries and issues promptly and our ability to form productive partnerships with our clients allows us to achieve impressive levels of customer satisfaction.

Bespoke Joinery

Residential Carpentry

Looking to commission a bespoke fitted kitchen? Or perhaps add some character to your property with wall moulding or wood panelling? Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a custom-made cabinet or a statement staircase?

Aksum’s skilled carpenters are here to bring your vision to life, whatever the size and scale of your residential carpentry project. Our detail-oriented and highly efficient team prides itself on putting in as much time and effort as required to translate your design into a reality. We work in a range of private homes, including period properties and new builds, delivering exceptional carpentry solutions at affordable prices.

Our timber creations for residential buildings include everything from made-to-measure shelving to bespoke tables and chairs, as well as updating old joinery or installing external wood cladding. Following a detailed consultation process, we will get to work drawing up designs before moving on to production and installation.

With access to the newest equipment, in-depth knowledge of both traditional and modern carpentry techniques, a flexible mindset, and a respectful and courteous manner, our expert carpenters will undertake your carpentry project for a competitive price and deliver results on time, every time.

Not many carpentry services can boast the same commitment to quality, impressive experience, and ability to prioritise the client’s needs as Aksum. Our team will bring all the necessary tools with them to the site, keep you informed of any issues that arise, take on board feedback, and deal with waste materials after installation, as they transform your home with their superb craftsmanship.


Why Choose Aksum as Your Carpentry Contractor in London?

Comprehensive Service - Aksum

Exceptional customer support

Commissioning bespoke carpentry is a big decision—especially if it’s a large-scale project. We understand that you’re inevitably going to have questions along the way and will be on hand to answer them promptly and thoughtfully at every stage. Client satisfaction depends on good communication and we will be available throughout the process to answer any queries that arise, address issues, and take on board feedback to ensure the finished product not only meets but exceeds the brief.

Sensitive and Understanding - Aksum

Commitment to flexibility

We pride ourselves on offering a versatile service and can adjust and modify our processes according to the client’s wishes, taking on board feedback and ensuring that we do everything we can to leave them satisfied.

Expert Quality - Aksum

Impressive quality

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, guaranteeing scrupulous attention to detail at every stage of the process, from consultation through to installation. We consider meticulous quality control a priority, delivering woodwork that stands out with its flawless design and faultless production. What’s more, we really value your feedback and input, so if there’s anything you are unsure about or want to try, we are happy to adjust the design accordingly, ensuring that our services meet your brief and exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Skills - Aksum


We strive to continuously monitor and evaluate our processes to ensure that they are as streamlined as possible, eliminating unnecessary steps and making changes as necessary to optimise our workflow.

Cost Effective Approach - Aksum

Great value for money

At Aksum, we believe that impeccable craftsmanship shouldn’t have to cost the earth. We strive to make bespoke carpentry a possibility for anyone and offer our services at accessible prices. By doing all we can to keep costs down without compromising on quality, we are allowing custom-built carpentry to become a reality for more and more people. We also provide a full cost breakdown, so you know exactly how your money is being spent.

Personalised Service - Aksum

Personalised service

We understand that no two customers are the same. Your property is unique to you and that extends to carpentry. We endeavour to understand exactly what our clients are looking for and translate that vision into a reality, customising our approach according to the unique property and brief.

Bespoke Carpentry FAQs

Before hiring a carpenter, check their level of experience. Ask to see details of their previous projects or references from previous clients. Once they’ve given you a quote, you can also ask for an exact cost breakdown, so you know how your money is being spent.

At Aksum, we want to make sure the client feels totally confident in their decision to employ our services, providing you with case studies and transparent cost information so you know exactly where you stand.

We work with a variety of woods and finishes depending on the client’s specifications. Our carpentry experience allows us to advise our customers as to the best wood for their particular design based on considerations such as durability and strength, moisture resistance, budget, and appearance.

Similarly, we have extensive knowledge of the different finishes available and what would be most appropriate in the given context.

Bespoke carpentry means that the vision and essence of the design come from the client. Therefore, you can offer as much input as you want. We can also help with the process by offering guidance and advice based on our carpentry experience, listening to and taking on board feedback as we go along.

As well as carpentry, we also offer a bespoke joinery service. Combined with our carpentry skills, this means we can create and install a range of wooden fixtures and furniture, including bespoke staircases.

We will begin with a consultation process to understand what exactly you’re looking for, before creating the designs and moving on to production and construction.

Commercial carpentry includes those carpentry projects that take place on a large scale in buildings that are bigger than traditional homes, whether in the public or private sector, including offices, restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

Usually, the materials and techniques involved are different to residential projects and the skills and experience required are also different.

Bespoke carpentry offers tailor-made woodwork solutions that are custom-built according to the client’s specific preferences and needs.

The benefit of a bespoke service is that you can commission carpenters to turn your unique vision into a reality without any of the compromises on style or quality that comes with mass-market carpentry.

First-fix carpentry usually refers to any structural work that needs to be undertaken, including roofing, wall studding, and joist work, as well as flooring and stairs.

Second-fix carpentry refers to any finishing that needs to be done, such as skirting, architraves, and other fixtures and fittings. However, these terms don’t have a concrete definition and their meaning can vary.

We understand the anxiety caused by unexpected charges or hidden fees and so we are committed to providing a reliable upfront quote based on everything involved in the entire project, from consultation through to installation. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any unexpected costs later down the line.

Wherever possible, we strive to use sustainably sourced wood in our projects. We are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint through other eco-friendly initiatives, complying with all environmental legislation and regulations, and emphasising environmental awareness as an essential business value.

We undertake projects for a range of properties, both old and new. Typically, period properties require an understanding of style and sensitivity to a building’s character. Our team is skilled at capturing and emulating the original mood in both design and manufacture.

We will often conduct an on-site visit before providing you with a quote, in order to assess the work that needs to be done and give you a detailed and reliable cost breakdown. This reduces the risk of unexpected expenses later in the process.

The time between your initial contact and the completion of the work will depend on your unique project. However, we always endeavour to work to the client’s timeline.

Additionally, once we’ve established a deadline, we ensure that all operations are kept streamlined and efficient to avoid unforeseen delays.

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